Picture Courtesy: Sarolta Ban

Innocent wonderment’s toy..

Glorious distraction..

Love sighting love.. Continue reading

A moment of infinity

Picture Courtesy: Internet

All is decorated for a moment of divinity. It is no ordinary moment.

It is a moment..

..that refreshes itself.
..that forever repeats without ever duplicating its expression.
..that is born out of another.

..that gives birth to another.
..whose predecessor is untraceable and successor unfathomable.
.. that is without boundary and identity.
.. that is for each one of us.
.. known only to those who are receptive.
..that is forever knocking to be embraced.
..that has never despised their ignorance of it, nor it ever will.
..that has no log or history of their ignorance.
..that can only give unconditionally.
..that is asking them, one more time, to be with it, to indulge in it, how ever it may be. come home now, to oneself.