Mesmerizing Two

11NEW_IMG_0004Every time I look at you,
I (eldest) am held,
By a ceaseless spell.

Like some times when,
The vast impenetrable sky,
Glittered and glowed,
Through limitless studded stars,
A waxing-waning moon,
Over a pitch-black canvas.

Like at few times when,
The dancing reflections,
Of a full moon,
Reached the shore,
Over swashing rhythmic waves,
Then, merged into the sand,
Unmerged and receded.

Like at rare times when,
On a cloudy new moon,
By the beach,
The consuming blackness of the sky,
Fused with the dissolving darkness of the sea,
Hid horizon,
Obliterated all forms, all identity,
Making me a part of eternity.

Like many times when,
The charming sun emerged,
From ocean’s womb,
Into sky’s bosom,
Kissed, while crawling,
Earth’s life and lifeless, innocently,
And, after skylighting orangly,
Resigned into the sea, quietly.

Like one time when,
Waking to,
The deafening muteness,
Of a winter dawn,
Then, a solitary walk,
Filled breathe with fog.
Later, bare feet on grass,
Felt chilled dew drops.

Like that time when,
Sitting naked over a rock,
Under a waterfall,
And, closed eyes yielded to,
The overpowering volume of water,
While, it’s touch and sound,
Humbled me, completely.

Such is the spell.


3 thoughts on “Mesmerizing Two

    • Thanks for liking this. I agree that there is going to be that physical change taking place all the time. The spirit of a human being, if it’s innocence is preserved, however, can be eternally binding just as nature is.

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