Prejudice and the Price

Lobby    Photo Prompt © J Hardy Carroll

Was train’s time to depart
Panting, I, reached station,
Was told, departure’s delayed.

“Blessed”, relieved!

Grabbed coffee.
Searched a packed
Ancient wooden lobby,
But, instead of a seat,
I found on one seat,
A beautiful woman.

“Blessed”, delighted!

Wily mind instructed eyes,
To look for seat,
Opposite that beauty,
But, found a man,
Staring her with fixed, unblinking eyes.

“Blessed?” Panged!
“Shameless man!”

Announcement, and,
Woman rose, walked straight to the man,
Bent and whispered.

“Blessed?” Stabbed!
“Unfair woman!”

Man put on black shades,
Unfolded walking stick,
Held her hand, rose,
Walked out of sight.

Flabbergasted! Shamed! Doomed!

(Friday Fictioneers)


13 thoughts on “Prejudice and the Price

    • Thank you Shalom. I am Sandeep. I enjoyed yesterday’s challenge. Looking forward to reading and sharing more. Cheers.


    • Glad you picked that.. :). The narrator, since his visit to the station to the end of the incident goes through two major things:

      1) The constant change in feelings throughout.
      2) The climax i.e. the self-reprehension, right at the end.

      I had to give more weight-age to the second aspect and based the title on that!

      Thanks for liking.

      Liked by 2 people

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