RsOeCaK ~ Their love story


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Since time immemorial,
Rock sees Sea,
Silently, longingly,
Sea rocks Rock,
Violently, lovingly.

Countless embracements,
Each lasting just a tick,
Each separation
Painful as a prick.

During each little tryst,
As love-token,
Sea leaves behind
Part of herself,
Rock parts away
With flecks for his elf.

For time eternal,
These innumerable encounters,
Succeeding detachments,
Shall persist.

Till a day,
When in the moment,
Within it’s smallest fragment,
The last speck of Rock
Will walk away with Sea.

Their yearning since infinity,
Resultingly, leaves them for eternity,
Merged into one another,

Friday Fictioneers


20 thoughts on “RsOeCaK ~ Their love story

  1. Nature, to me, is the means by which we expand the notion about the length of human relationships as well. It, may be the truth, but, is a mysterious one for me. However, two people in love may experience eternity for there is no thought about time in their intense moments, in that relationship. The closest that one may come to experiencing timelessness.

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    • Another reply I just “found”. It gave me an opportunity to re-read this exquisite poem, though. Oh how I love the Gentle turbulence, the Lingering Solitude, the Longing of both that brings them together again and again until they become, at last, inseparable.

      Tomorrow is #RomanticTuesday. May I Please reblog this on BnV?

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      • Can only be my privilege. Please go ahead :). I don’t know how words assemble themselves, if I take credit for them I would be wrong. Certain times certain feelings are beyond you and I am glad I get such chances to put the feelings in words that some may find extraordinary. 🙂


      • Thank You Sandeep. 🙂
        I do know what you mean, there are many times I write something that flows so easily from its source, it is Beyond my Comprehension.

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    • Thank you.. I am glad you could connect with it so well to acknowledge it :). Morgan’s appreciation for good work has been inspirational!


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