Waiting for that someone?

Waiting for someone3

Prelude: Facsimile – dVerse Poetics

She told us all about herself,
And, in the end
She asked for help.

Each one in shock,
Asked their own self,
“Did she just speak about me,
Or, tell about herself?”
Because, all of what
She was going through,
Pain, agony, fear and despair,
Was, essentially, true,
For each one of them too.
And, each has had a long wait,
Like her, for that someone,
Who would come and satiate.

An old man, stood up,
Walked up to her,
Put his shivering hand,
Softly, on her shoulder,
And, said, “I seem to be
The oldest among you all,
And, I confess to you,
There wasn’t a day
When I didn’t pray
For that someone,
Who would transform
My dismay into gay.
Many came, many went,
But, to me, that someone
Hadn’t yet been sent.
The wait for someone,
Perpetually continued,
Fueled by my hope,
Added days to my months,
Months to my years,
Years to my decades,
And, finally,
Regret to my despair.
As great has been my wait,
So deep has been my fall.

And, only some time back,
I began to see,
That if you really desire to transform,
This depressing state,
Start to understand the reasons,
For your fate.
There is the truth,
Known to you,
Or, in front of your eye
You have to embrace
And, not shun or shy.

That your thirsty soul
Could only be filled
By the water you bring,
Anyone’s water will never satiate,
No matter how much
You are offered,
Or, how much you drink.

That you are your only means
To find your way,
Please don’t let your life,
Like my life, in illusion, pass away.”

The old man, then,
Put a hand on her head,
And, walked out of the door,
Wherever the path lead.


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11 thoughts on “Waiting for that someone?

  1. I wish there was an “I Love This” button to click. So Poignant and True, this Beautiful poem does indeed speak to me, to my heart, that is waiting. For What? For Whom? Me, apparently 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh it did Freya. I have just been in that self-retrospective and self-understanding mode since reading your post. Understanding my own response to my life in general and your post’s case in particular. I think there are certain elements common to each of our lives and we connect with each other so instantly because of them.


      • I think you could be right! I’m in that phase of trying to work out who I am, why I am and so on. I read your About section on your blog and it sounds very familiar – as if I’m reading my own thoughts!
        I find the Internet both a challenging and wonderful beast – the fact that it enables connections and encourages inspiration between people around the world is amazing.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Glad you could connect with the About section. I feel there is a different ‘you’ the moment you realize that you don’t know yourself, which is most definitely true for me. Can’t exactly say what kind of ‘you’, but, surely the one who’s searching more genuinely for answers about oneself and life in general. Welcome on board ! 🙂

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  2. This is simply outstanding. I particularly love this para -“That your thirsty soul……Or, how much you drink.” This so very true and something that I have realized over the past few years. We cannot go on pointing fingers at others or expect help from another – the problem is in our thinking and perspective and the solution lies within us. Brilliant.

    Liked by 1 person

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