Unusual Trepidation

He stood at a crossroad,
Where his reaction
At that moment
To the precarious situation,
Would decide the course
Of his life.

His instinct would
Make him do that
Which is predetermined,
But, something held
His usual response
This time.
Perhaps, an instant of satori,
A trice submerged in ponderation,
Had detained his action,
And brought an insight,
A realization.

While, such an outcome,
Out of his muse,
Is a revelation,
But, even before that,
Musing in itself was the
The greatest alteration, he made,
To the course of his life.
He allowed a gap between
The perception of situation,
And, the reaction to it,
Without submitting to
His forceful urges,
Without succumbing
To his habitual action,
Without taking a
Call from his fears
And prejudices.

A flash of pure inquiry
Spoke to him what it should,
But, he’d come back to himself
From that unusual moment
Of truth.

I don’t know
If he had the courage
To act as per the insight,
Or, he yielded to his habit,
As always,
And, ignored what was right.
But, for once,
He found himself
In an unusual trepidation,
With a strange choice.
And, his reaction,
In the situation,
Sealed his course of life,
For that cross-road, at least.

11 thoughts on “Unusual Trepidation

  1. I love the deep connection of these words with what so many of us deal with on a day to day basis. Life challenges us with perceptions and reactions every day, and our choices determine our direction, but it was gently lovely to share ‘his’ struggle to understand himself and make his choice. Very Personal, Very Poignant.

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  2. You’ve done a fantastic job capturing this decisive moment. In fact, every moment offers us a choice: to react on instinct/the way we’ve been conditioned, or to step back and follow our innermost guidance before responding.

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  3. Your poem is rich in thought and philosophical inquiry.
    I love how your Speaker “allowed a gap” between perception and reaction, without “taking a call from his fears and prejudices. Good that he did not resort to inmediate action! A moment of truth and understanding well-captured!
    Lao Tzu’s Wu Wei comes to mind.

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    • Well, may be the speaker was Lao Tzu! ;). After all, even he must have begun somewhere.

      But, it is always nice to see when such poems, who ever may have written it, are understood. Somewhere a greater purpose seems served, though at a preliminary level of making the idea aware to some or reiterating it to the one’s who understand it.

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