Where we are WE


Picture Courtesy : Piya Singh

Where nature is our shelter,
And, our space is all that
We can see or be in.

Where, either, sun brings light,
Moon in the night,
Or, darkness shines bright.

Where we all satiate thirst
From the same brooks, springs.

Where we are fed
By brother forest, sister lake.

Where melodies are sung
By not just the fauna,
But, also the wind,
Stream, waterfall, trees,
Racing leaves.

Where we understand
The essence of silence, solitude.

Where the balance is respected
Between passivity-activity,

Where everything is in abundance
And, everyone is frugal.

Where all is ours
And, nothing is owned.

Friday Fictioneers


32 thoughts on “Where we are WE

  1. Everything is so very true and touching – another one that is a keeper. Especially loved “where melodies are sung not just by the fauna – i could hear the song of the rustling leaves, whispering winds and gurgling brooks. Went back to my childhood – lovely.

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  2. WP must have sent my comment on this Beautiful Verse into the great black void somewhere. I know I commented when I read it 😦 But I shall again because honestly, I love it so. Of course I do, it is so Harmonious and the melodies sung by Wind, Waterfall, Trees,…sigh 🙂 Sounds like Divinity to me and a place I would willingly ensconce myself. When do we leave?

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      • Oh please worry not. Do you not realize where you would be. Nature would be the best shelter you would find and could only be kind 🙂

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      • Then it definitely would be perfect and I will be waiting to hear from you that you’ve located it, because I miss the sun during the summer when I cannot/should not go out in it.

        Out of Pure curiosity, May I inquire what you study ?

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  3. Nirvana here I come :)..oh, sorry, I do mean WE!

    But seriously, I am sure you will achieve your goal and pass the exam, but wish you Much Success nevertheless. Though I do hope we shall still be chatting then, when I will wish you all the best again 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • He he. Thank you Morgan. I shall give my best and continue to be here for long. I will look for your email address and leave you a mail, just in case, we are unable to converse here. :).


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