Random musings – Inviting your thoughts

Yin Yang

Inner needs outer and outer is transformed by the inner; 

Organic is inorganic and inorganic is organic;

Biotic survives on abiotic and biotic replenishes the abiotic;

Sacredness grows on the seed of profanity and so profane is sacred at it’s core;

Forms appear different but the different are same at the nucleus;

There is diversity but all distinction is illusion, all comparison is absurd;


P.S: Do let me know what you think or if you have a thought to share. I wish to have more clarity for myself through a thought that you may have about these. I see that all are inter-connected, and seem well represented by Yin/Yang(The picture).


8 thoughts on “Random musings – Inviting your thoughts

  1. The depth and complexity of this has me reading and re-reading, and each time I do I comprehend it better, See More, yet find myself questioning more Deeply. We are all Unique, Yet the same…Separate, Yet Unified…Diverse, nevertheless, Bonded. Then my thoughts wander additionally, if we are so, why then do we persist with thinking we are not? Why is Harmony so Hard to achieve? At the core we all need similar things, we all love and fear, cry and desire; what compels us then to continue to combat each other?

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    • Perfect!!!! I think that is where I would have got at, eventually. Our musings have fused, already.

      I mean, when I was thinking about these for a few days together, I realized, what is going on! All that you say, I began to think about them and it had hit me hard. It has helped me see my own ways and reasons that are keeping me isolated from everyone around me. How I hold my things to myself and how most of us are doing so. How then we envy the other and how we end up in a conflict. How we can’t see that we are like the rays of the sun, a single source from where we all come… How, if we could all see and understand, then bit by bit we could begin to achieve the harmony! But, I come back to the reality and see where am I all stuck and I realize that it is my mind. The universal mind. Our idiosyncrasies and our conditionings.. I can go on!

      At the tail of this thought, the tip of the tail, questions me then, what am I doing about it? And, that is where I realize I must begin!

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      • It is rather amazing, to me at least, to see how similarly we think, though we have just “met”. (a portion of that Oneness we all seek, perhaps, that leads both our musings.) It is even more amazing that, through our conversing, you have led me to consider and share those things that, in their turn, have led you to consider. the Beauty and Mystery of that Oneness that Guides us all to seek…
        You say you could go on, and in truth, I honestly wish you would, because each thought that compels us, each consideration we seem to share, in turn, compels and inspires, which leads us to share again. It is wonderfully marvelous and I see no reason to put a barricade in It’s way. (do you?)

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      • Hey Morgan. Yes, I was amazed myself at the consonance of our thoughts. It is always encouraging to see someone can be on the same page in terms of thinking about oneself and one’s species. The moment these two take place there is a chance that at least there is a seed thought to be wise when dealing with the affairs of human emotions and actions.

        Yes, I see no reason too, but, the words idiosyncrasies and conditionings were the macro words for whatever details I would have liked to added. So, I really didn’t cut on what I wanted to say, but, chose to skip the detail. I will not cut on my core thought, for as you say, only by sharing that I would either spread the truth and engage the interested ones or understand the falsity of what I carry in my head, if some one would be kind enough to question me and make me think..

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