Pondering over my footprints..


Over the sand-dunes
That I walk upon,
My footprints are getting lost
Or, erased by the winds of time.

But, what is getting created,
Through me,
Isn’t just a footmark alone,
But, a phenomenon,
That is changing this macrocosm,
At every footstep,
Which not even time can erase.

In the scheme of things
Of this universe,
My footprints are nearly invisible,
But, I realize they aren’t absent.
They may be imperceptible,
But, they aren’t insignificant.

A grain of sand,
Entered a pearl-oyster,
At some unknown depth,
In the Persian gulf,

A spark of fire,
Touched a row of grass
In the inaccessible part,
Of the Amazon forest,

A drop of rain,
Fell on the surface,
At some remote location,
Of the Pacific ocean,

Each altered the destinies
Of their destination

Time erased them,
Their imprints,
But, what it could not erase
And cannot erase, is
The phenomenon,
That each was,
That each created.

And, existence
Hasn’t been the same,

(Picture from the web)


14 thoughts on “Pondering over my footprints..

  1. Penned so very well. I enjoyed the flow of thoughts and arguments for the right to exist and simply be. And to have self-belief for who knows what we may achieve through our “imperceptible” actions – “Each altered the destinies Of their destination” – beautiful

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      • I am sorry. I haven’t been able to find time to do the needful. I thank you for this opportunity, but, days are rolling over into nights and nights into days without me realizing them. Thanks once again.


    • Hey Jyotee, I am doing very well. How have you been ? So nice of you to remember and message. I have been very busy with my studies of late. I find no time to login here. I miss writing.


  2. This is a masterpiece! You’ve expressed the ultimate paradox so clearly and eloquently: that every human being, as with each ant, leaf, grain of sand or atom, leaves barely perceptible traces that disappear so quickly, yet create everlasting effects that drive the unfolding of the universe. Just out of curiosity, were you thinking of the Chaos Theory/Butterfly Effect while writing this?

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  3. Hi Magarisa, please consider my apology for replying so late. I have not been logging in here for I have been preparing for my exam. Hope you would consider my case :).

    I don’t know the chaos theory or the butterfly effect, will look into them once I finish writing this message. Thanks for referring them. “Masterpiece”, I think it is your expression for the deep connect with what I tried to convey through this poem. Glad you did connect so well. Yes, it is about the significance of all that we have forever thought to be insignificant, especially, our own selves. We do take ourselves for granted!


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