A soliloquy in a midsummer night’s dream!

“Lies have become your character,
Taking over from truth,
Which was your nature.

Truth is there,
Hidden by your lies,
Behind your lies:
Lies that you have cultivated,
Some that you know,
Subtly, playing right in front of your eyes.
Some still unknown,
For lies aren’t easy to pick,
Especially, when you have drowned in them,
And so you miss.

You seek the truth,
But, that is a lie too,
Don’t you see
That truth can’t be sought?
Oh, I forgot,
How would you see?
You are a plaything of lies,
So, lie has said to you
That you are seeking the truth,
And you have been overwhelmed,
And lost in hope
Of embracing the truth soon.
Oh, how would you see
What’s going wrong?

But, let me try to tell you this:
Until all lies are dropped,
You would forever seek the truth,
And, thus, forever lie,
And lies wouldn’t be ever dropped,
And truth will never be learnt.

No longer to lie would be,
To no longer seek the truth.
And, with disappearance of lies alone,
Would you be left with the truth,
Left with your nature.”

2 thoughts on “A soliloquy in a midsummer night’s dream!

  1. A dream you dreamed in Shakespearean theme? I love the whirling nature of this, as truth and lies dance round each other, for so often they do…or we permit them to.


    • The original title was going to be “A soliloquy in my night’s dream”! I somehow came across the title “Midsummer night’s dream”! And, then I realized, this is MIDSUMMER! Oh yeah.. Though, the poem has nothing to do with the man’s work and you can very well know from it’s content.

      Hmmm. I am still trying to get a hang of the truths and lies! Some have opened up and I can trace the minds functionality to a pattern!


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