Light house…

Picture Courtesy: Rick Whitacre

I light up
each evening
before sunset as
it’s my duty,
they say, and
because, I am not
allowed to take
it for granted, oh Moon,
‘that you would arrive

This is what
the world knows.

I light up
each evening
in anticipation
of your arrival.

This, only I know.

Your absence
on most nights
is not a surprise
to the world.

Your absence
on any night
is a longing
to me.

The world
may know,
when you would

I am
never certain
when you will
if ever
you will.

That moment
of your arrival is
beyond surprise
and, that period
until dawn,

I wish I could let
my light go out
and rest in your
silent presence.

But, I cannot
miss my chance
of being with you.

So, uncountable fragments
of my affectionate love-light
take a journey to you.
I don’t know
if they reach you,
but, I would like to believe
they do,
for my heart recognizes
that light of your face,
resembling mine!


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