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My womb
carried dreams;
Few took birth.
And, most
lost to mortality.

Reasons for their death,
whatever may be!

The joy of the few chirping dreams was lost to the mourning
of the departed.

The pain of loss,
and, the fear of pain,
forced a period of fallowness,
during which not a single seed
of dream fell
on the ground of my heart.

What a life! What a waste of life,
I thought,
walking by a jet black sea,
on a soot black sand,
under a dark sky
and pitch black clouds.

A cold sea breeze
blew across my face.
My eyes closed.
All noise silenced.

I heard a hum arising
from a deepest crevice
of my blackened soul,
as if speaking to me.

The hum said,
“fear not pain,
pain is the source of joy,
stop not dreaming,
dreams are the source of life.”

I stood in unexpectedness.

The hum continued.

“How would all of existence
be possible if I did not dream?
How could you be present
if I did not dream?

So, create what is possible.
Be rest assured,
that something is waiting
to come into existence through you.
You add uniqueness to my dream.
Nothing will ever create what you will.
No one will ever dream that you will.

So, embrace all pain,
fear not death of dreams,
for they do not die,
they only transform into
more necesary ones:
necessary for you and me.
You keep dreaming,
keep pursuing your dreams!”

The hum settled.

Suddenly, at once
all the pain, the fear,
were, as if, sucked into
that black hole of my being.

I opened my eyes.
Dreams had already taken wings.
So many of them.
They flew without the fear of fall,
without the fear of death.
Many more living
in the safe custody of my womb,
I could feel them.
A tranquility touched my heart.
All seemed still dark,
But, an inner light turned on
waiting to transpire through
all of creation.


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