Desires and Darkness..

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I had cried long to sight the moon,
The moon wouldn’t be seen.
Spent sleepless nights praying to view atleast a star,
Even the dimmest was far from visible.

The sand stood by me,
And, the only respite came from it’s silence,
The sea came and left often.

Hopeless and tired, I gave up.
No more cries as tears had dried.
No more prayers as faith in words was lost.
Eyes stared the dark, head rose no more.
Many nights passed by.

One more was here.

Dense clouds had threatened to pour all evening.
I hadn’t moved an inch for how long, I don’t know.
I sat in the company of the still sand and the buzzing sea,
Experiencing a dark night, and each beat of my heart turned darkness into its darkest.

Strong sea breeze blew sand on my face.
I tucked my head into my lap,
I wished it rained, drenched me,
I wanted rain to merge me with the sea.

Like always, it wouldn’t happen.
I may have fallen into sleep.

Suddenly, faintest of light crawled into my closed eyes,
In my numbness I was its dormant witness.
Light breached darkness magnificiently.
Eyes opened, I looked up, clouds had departed, and
To my greatest shock,

There was the moon.
There were the stars.

What an irony!
On the darkest of my nights
Came to life my deepest desires.

I realized another thing.
The desire to experience the moon and stars,
Is incomplete without the willingness to experience the dark.
The darkest the hour, the greatest their experience.


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