Know know know..

Picture Courtesy: Internet

Emerging from earth’s core,
Life’s first breathe
Was experienced in ocean’s lap.
For lives innumerable
Nothing, but water was my home.

After uncountable reformations
When the time was right
The crust realized that
It was time for me to rise beyond,
It elevated its heart
Carrying me in its bosom.
My being was presented
To the infinite space,
To a universe that I had never known before,
To an existence that felt like a home far away from my home.

Before the crust submerged
It whispered,

“Time is right to know what you are meant to know,
To know what you are, and
To know where you really came from.
It isn’t me that you originated in,
It isn’t me that you will perish into.
Don’t miss your chance.
Know, know, know!”

Here I was, eyes closed,
Arms spread,
Feeling what life had to say,
Attempting to know what I must know.


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