And, not me!

Picture Courtesy: Internet

I am the feet of the fisherman
That feel the dry-damp deep love between sand and sea..

I am the light that is lit to have a chance to observe each gesture each expression they create..

I am the shadow of the fisherman that dances with them, although momentarily..

I am the boat that has set out on innumerable occassions in search of a love such as this..

Till this day, I have failed to find a love such as this..

Tired of my searches, I come back to the coast out of a longing to be amidst their love once again..

And, such is their love that I get absorbed for a while, until I feel the void and begin another voyage, another search..

It’s been some nights and I have pondered deep..

I sense I know why my search could never complete..
The day has arrived..
Today, will be my last search..
Today, I am determined to find it..
Today, I am determined to be lost and drowned..
Today, I cannot be, if love is what I must see..
Today, I will sink, sink to the bottom of the seabed..
There where sand and sea are together since eternity…

There where only love can be..

And, not me!

(Disclaimer: The picture does not belong to me. I enjoyed writing my heart’s expression on seeing the picture. If you have a claim over the picture, please let me know I shall give you due credit with your name and link to website, and if you want me to take this down, I would be more than happy to do so.)


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