I think I don’t really know myself. See if you can find something from what I have to say through my posts. May be you can write something to me about me. I am not sure, how much I will be able to agree with what you have to say about me or how long I will stay the way you think I am, because, I know that I am no more now what I was some moments before and I don’t know how long I will be like I am now. May be, that is the only thing I know about me. May be, even that isn’t true because another moment just passed.


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  1. A very creative “about me”, we change all through our lives, implying that we’re not “ourselves” at any point of time, because there is no such thing as “ourselves”.
    Can we quantify or label something that is ever changing? This change also goes on within others . Unknowingly, we might be able to affect changes of others who might be far away from us. If this doesn’t imply that the world is one swirling mass of energy and constant change then I don’t know what does?
    What say?


    • Thank you for liking this and finding this creative. May be, truth is creative in itself. I think what I wrote could be true with each one of us if one understands it. The fact is that we fail to realize that the things which we repeatedly do, which makes us feel that this is what we are, even they are not the same, at a micro-level, though they appear to be the same.

      Objective classifications such as short, fat, tall, slim, fair, dark etc. based on certain parameters may be a necessity of our times, though are trivial to me, but the subjective classification is nearly impossible to make even about one’s own self. As you rightly point out that we can’t have static parameters to judge the dynamic selves so it is better to remain what you are without trying to label who you are. Our consciousness is changing every moment with the experiences and knowledge we are bombarded with.

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  2. A very different and unique about page – and definitely not as simplistic as mine! A more complex creative mind appears to be at work. The piece suggests (to me at least) an ambivalence – a desire to know what others think, to be analysed yet an equally strong objection to being bracketed or classified.

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    • Your sort of response is the reason why the ‘about’ page is the way it is. Thank you for responding.

      There is a “desire” to know who I am. Your own observation may not always tell you everything about you till you are highly attentive about your physical and mental movement. People around you, observe you either directly through your behavior and action or indirectly through, say, literary works etc., as on this blog. They may have things to say to you. They may reflect you to you like mirrors do. But, on the receiving side, you have to question the truth of the reflection, because unlike mirrors, people have their own biases. So, you have to politely “object” where the reflection is untrue, while, accepting what has been verified by the self to be true. In all this, your own sincerity is the basis because after all you are desirous to know yourself. The other is an important step in that direction.

      The beauty about complexities is that till you encounter or comprehend it in total, you just can’t see it’s simplicity. :).

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      • Very well explained! Especially liked the last bit -simplicity of complexity. Even though I can sense the rightness and beauty of it, yet I feel there is much more to it. I shall ponder some more over it. Thank you for broadening my horizons 🙂

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      • Always good to know if one can see more just by addition of a few more words. Yes, there is much more to every complexity, always. It is rare, though, when pondering can disclose it’s pieces or the whole, while, if you could live/experience it, nothing would remain untold then.


  3. The two pictures you have chosen in representation of your self on your blog share a wealth of insight into who Sandeep is, both sides of the equation one might say. The warm smile, the laughter ringing in the silence, muted and muffled by the crescendo of nature melding with it speak of another level of the psyche, perhaps one that longs for joyous harmony. Then there is the quietness and solitude of the other image, whispering of deeper emotions, uncertainties and once more, a longing. But, this is visual only, one level of perspective. What do your words say? Where do they lead? My answer should be: They share what the longing seeks; they express the deeper emotions; they whisper of honesty; and they open the realm of that which makes Sandeep the man he is, to greater discovery.

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  4. Hmmm.. I don’t know how to take this. In a way, all that you say accounts to all that reflects in the picture and in words, and I can say how well you read in between the line, and, in a way there is either more or none to it as well, with say, the pictures and words having no meaning, all plain redundant themes, from the way I look at them. I think I may have confused you.


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