Life and Death – lying side by side.

I see two bodies
Lying side by side,
Identical in form and appearance.

What is surprising is
That they look just like me.

So, now we are three of us here!

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“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust”

In this funeral pyre,
Through the space between the logs
That I have been placed within,
I see the faces
Of people known to me.
Their faces made visible
In this dark new moon night,
By the fire’s light.
The fire that is glorious,
Whose flames have now reached
Quite a height.
My body is burning intensely,
Like would a fuel.

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A soliloquy in a midsummer night’s dream!

“Lies have become your character,
Taking over from truth,
Which was your nature.

Truth is there,
Hidden by your lies,
Behind your lies:
Lies that you have cultivated,
Some that you know,
Subtly, playing right in front of your eyes.
Some still unknown,
For lies aren’t easy to pick,
Especially, when you have drowned in them,
And so you miss.

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“When you cease to chase it, you might find it” – By Michael Adam.


“Perhaps, trying even makes for unhappiness.Perhaps, all the din of my desiring has kept the bird from my shoulder. I have tried so long and so loud after happiness. I have looked so far and wide.

“I have always imagined that happiness is an island in the river. Perhaps, it is the river. I have thought happiness to be the name of an inn at the end of the road. Perhaps, it is the road. I have believed that happiness was tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Perhaps, it is here. Perhaps, it is now. I have looked everywhere else.

“So here and now.

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Random musings – Inviting your thoughts

Yin Yang

Inner needs outer and outer is transformed by the inner; 

Organic is inorganic and inorganic is organic;

Biotic survives on abiotic and biotic replenishes the abiotic;

Sacredness grows on the seed of profanity and so profane is sacred at it’s core;

Forms appear different but the different are same at the nucleus;

There is diversity but all distinction is illusion, all comparison is absurd;


P.S: Do let me know what you think or if you have a thought to share. I wish to have more clarity for myself through a thought that you may have about these. I see that all are inter-connected, and seem well represented by Yin/Yang(The picture).