“Jump, don’t ponder from the bridge..”

A bridge can go no far. And, a bridge will never give me the experience of what the sea or the sky feel like. All this wonderment about the surrounded beauty, and flowery lines of poetry is just plain talk and empty words devoid of a taste of the sky or the sea.

I crave for experience, I tell myself. Even now, its more pondering from the edge of this bridge. I don’t know how much time in hours, days, months or years have I spent in imagination. I am tired. The breeze touches me, the experience speaks to me in an unfamiliar language as if telling me, “sooner or later, a moment has to come, and you will have to jump brother. Be naked. It is in that jump when nothing of you is left on the bridge, and every cell of your skin, while in mid-air, will feel the sky and in your descendance, when the first grain of your naked feet touch the water, thats when you will feel the sea. Now, that is what the sky and the sea feel like. Not the one that was contemplated at from the bridge. The bridge is good for a memory. The jump is necessary for the experience”.

The irony is, I am still writing the above from the bridge. I am succumbing to more and more contemplation.


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