“Can I ever find that..?”


Picture Courtesy:  Fleur Treurniet via Unsplash

Picture Prompt for Three Line Tales – Courtesy: Sonya


“I have changed form after form for millennials together:

Following signage after another, hunting treasures in search of the mystical experience(s).

Here I stand, tired, worn out again and within me I carry the same lingering thought(‘Unicorn this way’), alluring me to start the search again..”


Within every yarn..

tltweek17Picture courtesy: Wynand von Poortvliet

Challenge: Three Line Tales

When exactly countless saffron gossamer were knit, my personification was complete and came into being. At the point when all these fibers were wrung as they should have been, my yarn, was possessed, by a spirit.

Ripped apart by mankind in their tugs-of-war; Tightly clutched by two trusting innocent hands, sitting on a swing hanging from a tree; Cold sea numbed every strand while anchoring the ship; Distressed while holding that neck in the gallows;

There are ruptures on the outside, now, threads tearing apart, and the damage is beyond repair. The appearance is changing fast, and soon, the saffron won’t last. The cuts are digging deep, threatening my survival, but, something has held me strong. It is the indomitable spirit unperturbed by the withering outer state of my yarn, and, which promises to remain till my last strand becomes a mystery.