The Winter Call

The pain of Deciduous, with the winter setting in, was growing deep. This was its first winter since it stepped into adulthood. It had been shedding cherries, flowers, and leaves, here and there, all through its adolescence and in a way has been aware of their seasonal departure. This winter, however, it was losing them at a tremendous rate and volume, so it thought. It didn’t know what was wrong but was certain that something was. It had been nourishing its kin too well. It spread its roots into every possible inch of the rock and far into the soil to pull water and food for all its beloved. So much and more only to find them part this way.


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Of Mothers, among other things – By A.K.Ramanujan

As a part of my initiative to publish poems that I deeply connect with or am moved by, I share this poem titled Of Mothers, among other things, which is weaved sublimely by a famous Indian poet A.K.Ramanujan.

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Within every yarn..

tltweek17Picture courtesy: Wynand von Poortvliet

Challenge: Three Line Tales

When exactly countless saffron gossamer were knit, my personification was complete and came into being. At the point when all these fibers were wrung as they should have been, my yarn, was possessed, by a spirit.

Ripped apart by mankind in their tugs-of-war; Tightly clutched by two trusting innocent hands, sitting on a swing hanging from a tree; Cold sea numbed every strand while anchoring the ship; Distressed while holding that neck in the gallows;

There are ruptures on the outside, now, threads tearing apart, and the damage is beyond repair. The appearance is changing fast, and soon, the saffron won’t last. The cuts are digging deep, threatening my survival, but, something has held me strong. It is the indomitable spirit unperturbed by the withering outer state of my yarn, and, which promises to remain till my last strand becomes a mystery.

Rise !!

Trust me. I have been there where you are and maybe I am worse than you on a certain day, even today. Empathizing with you has been possible because I can sense what you are going through which is possible only because I have lived experiences similar to yours, in essence. The nature of those experiences or the causes and effects of them could be different but the pain, agony and distress we go through remain the same.

Where I sit today, I sit with a tremendous realization that running away from life is the easiest thing for me to do while it wouldn’t solve the problem I am facing or rather the problem I am hiding my face from.

Rise !!

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