Withholding that letter..

Letter Box

I (Horse-rider) wish to race to him,
To express your sweet misty emotion,
But, your fearful heart disapproves, clutches me.

(Three Line Tales)


11 thoughts on “Withholding that letter..

    • Hey bikurgurl, I re-read what I wrote, a few more times, trying to be the an outsider, and I realize what you feel. May be, when I wrote I only went with the flow. Thanks for that.

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      • My pleasure – I liked the rhythm very much — and was pleased to see you flip the script and blend multiple submissions together for a longer piece. I saw many of the posts going in that direction as well and had thought the same thing — you may want to post to/Pingback Sonya’s Week 16 post as well. Thanks for participating this week – hope to see you in future challenges 🙂

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      • I enjoyed the blending as well. Have posted that on Sonya’s page. Yes, I shall be up for more challenges and more reads from you too. Cheers.

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